TRE TORRI 2008, yet another success for the “deus ex machina”, Master Corrado Croceri, who in this 24th edition, has further improved on the organisational machine in collaboration with Echo Soft of Andrea Federici, with the firm Sedicinoni – video productions – of Marco Calvani, who proposed the videos of single contests in the competition in real time on You Tube.

The site has become richer with the addition of a new service which has enabled people to follow the contests of Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th June, in three days achieving 90,926 hits, from all around the world. An interesting index of the pleasure created for Italy’s most prestigious international judo competition, we think.

Porto Sant’Elpidio, town which has hosted the competition since 1997, is ever more suited to welcoming new tourists, here we are talking about youth and sports tourism: the motto of the town “Porto Sant’Elpidio, una città con il mare nel cuore” (Porto Sant’Elpidio, a town with the sea in its heart) demonstrates even more this vocation for tourism.

The seafront shows us, with its beach chalets that offer comfort and fun besides their excellent cuisine which is greatly appreciated by our guests who return to swell the numbers at this resort town.

The town of Porto Sant’Elpidio received two Vele (Sails) which it achieved in 2007.

A recognition for the cleanliness of the sea, the beauty of the surrounding countryside, services to the public and for environmental protection.

The Prizes, awarded by the Regional Marche Government and by the Ministry of the Environment: the two Sails by the Touring Club of Italy and Legambiente in 2007, inclusion on to the Guida Blu 2008, are merits which make Porto Sant’Elpidio a point of reference on the Adriatic coastline.

Every year, in the month of June, new energy sources converge in this town on the Marche coast. The TRE TORRI, absolute pride and joy of Porto Sant’Elpidio, also proposes the cultural promotion and completely marries SPORT with TOURISM.

Porto Sant’Elpidio, therefore recognised as the city of the quality of life. A town that not only produces footwear among the most prestigious in the world, but a place where the quality of life is good in an ever-protected environment and where tourism, services and culture take on the shape of the new driving forces behind economic renewal.

The news concerning the 24th TRE TORRI event has been the high proportion of foreign participation which is all the more impressive and of high quality and also, this year, it is greater than the Italians taking part, those who were able to participate in this important competition, that is.

The location is “The sports complex in Via Ungheria” where on 7th – 8th June, the competition was held and is becoming known as the Temple of Judo.

The youth from around the world, the most prestigious Olympic Squads, in this the final date before the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, all bring its value to the fore.

The TRE TORRI, in this four-year period leading up to the London Olympics, boasts a tremendous participation of top-quality athletes, many of whom took part in the Games (35 in the Men’s Categories and 22 in the Women’s).

How many athletes who took part in the TRE TORRI went to the podium in the splendid Gymnasium of the “University of Science and Technology” in Beijing? The numbers speak for themselves: 7 medallists in the Men’s Categories and 8 in the Women’s. We cannot deny that the TRE TORRI is an important competition in the field of Judo and which has more or less become worldwide in scope, owing to its organisational and technical prowess.

The TRE TORRI, a.k.a. The Tournament of the Adriatic, states the President of the Italian Judo Federation, Matteo Pellicone, is at the eve of his quarter of a century in years and he is ready to celebrate its 25th birthday.

An important finishing post, says Master Corrado Croceri, visibly satisfied for being close to the rather demanding aim which this occasion has in common with the end of his fifth five-year term in charge.

The Master reasserts: “To look back shows us the hard times, the toil, now we have to turn page, we have to think of the future, towards new aims, new projects that are even more important for us, which are stimulated by the many voices of approval from every part of the world, by our love and will to always do better”.

He continues: “I would like to thank all those who took part, Italians and foreigners alike, I believe in a better future, I will work with the intention of favouring the growth of Judo in my town (Corridonia), within my region (the Marche), in Italy and throughout the world.

I profoundly believe in the educational values of this discipline, I hope that Italian Judo, which I am honoured to represent through this initiative, is by my side and helps me continue.

I hope in the conscientiousness of everyone, so that we all come to understand the importance of mutual prosperity and harmony”.

He emphasises: “It is important that we co-operate , it is important that we increase the number of friends, Judo isn’t what it seems to be, Judo is much greater than what most people think it is”.

A particular thanks goes to all those Judo clubs of the Marche region , who in this 4th edition, took part in the opening ceremony on the Saturday evening, helping contribute a magnificent window and an ideal atmosphere and one of celebration with their participation.

It was important to have the children and young judoka live as lead actors, who, with the support of the teachers of the various Judo schools present were able to put on a demonstration in front of a packed audience of parents, friends and relatives.

The demonstration of two young judoka was, indeed, touching (Andrea Valenti and Fabio Cirilli). Both are Black Belts from the school of Corridonia, and they truly honoured the none-too-easy exercise of presenting Judo displaying an elevated style of expression.

It exalted the movement of the body, technique, the beauty of the movement, aesthetics in general and the discipline in particular, whilst highlighting the very principles on which Judo is based.

At the end, Master Croceri presented a message of welcome to all those present, briefly outlining the canons of Judo and the importance of letting those directly interested know (players of every age and grade, athletes at every level, parents, members of the crowd present) the sense of practice, as well as the benefits to be obtained.

The presence of the new Councillor for Sport and Tourism of Porto Sant’Elpidio, Mrs. Milena Sebastiani, who discovered this display as a great event which the town is honoured to host, is also very important.

The councillor, favourably impressed by the impact of the TRE TORRI event, maintains the importance of creating useful synergies, in order to gain together with the local administration greater resources for the 2009 edition with the particular aim of improving participation of the town and communication throughout the territory.

The Competition:

Let’s have a look at the TRE TORRI which, this year too, provided us with some new proposals, besides the participation of the historical leaders of the sport, like RUSSIA, (led by Sergey Tabakov, their Technical Director) and undisputed champion in the men’s general events.

A team to fully respect, who put out very strong athletes, starting with winner of so many medals on the world stage, ALEXANDRE MIKHAYLIN, who took top spot in the +100 kg category, in front of the young Hungarian BOR BARNA (U-23 European Champion who qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games).

ALEXANDRE MIKHAYLIN (three-time World Champion), this year finalist with the French ace TEDDY RINER in Paris, is also awarded a medal at the TRE TORRI competition, by Corrado Croceri, Managing Director of the tournament organisation this year.

Other names of prestige in the Russian team are highlighted in the final league-table of the 2008 TRE TORRI. SIRAZHUDIN MAGOMEDOV stands out among all the athletes, awarded the title of best men’s athlete, he contends five contests and overcomes all opposition by “Ippon”, beating last year’s German winner of the –81 kg, CHRISTOPHE LAMBERT in the final.

Bronze for DMITRY GERASIMENKO in the –91 kg class and also for LEDENEV ALEXEY, in the –100 kg class.

In the –100 kg class, ASKHAB KOSTOEV wins gold. He establishes himself over and overcomes, due to his greater athletic freshness, the Cuban YOSVANY DESPAIGNE, who competes with our local: “Judo Club Camerano”.

Still as far as the Russian team is concerned, a promise of the future national squad, the smaller brother of ALEXANDRE, the younger VIACHESLAV MIKHAYLIN, will make himself heard in a not-too-distant future, in this edition of the TRE TORRI, he comes fifth in the –100 kg class.

CUBA celebrated its return to the TRE TORRI competition, winning the women’s general league- table.

The Caribbean team certainly contributed to providing greater depth to the women’s competition in this year’s TRE TORRI.

The league was obviously dominated by the team of the famous RONALDO VEITA VALDIVIE, a true character of women’s international judo. The man who won the greatest number of podium positions, between Olympic Games, World Championships and Continental Championships.

We thank Ronaldo and his Technical Team for having contributed to the success of the 24th TRE TORRI competition, with their presence.

We say again here, that the Cuban women’s team represents the world’s most prestigious team, gaining important results, the list of prize winnings together with the results of Beijing bear testimony. (Three silver and one bronze), with:

-48 kg class YANET BERMOY

Women’s World Champion Senior – Cairo 2005

Women’s World Champion Junior – Dominican Rep. 2006

Women’s World Vice-champion Senior – Rio de Janeiro 2007

Pan American Games Champion – Rio de Janeiro 2007

Pan American Champion – Miami 2008

Olympic Vice-champion – Beijing 2008


Four Olympic medals – seven World Championship medals

Olympic Games bronze – Barcelona 1992

Olympic Champion gold – Atlanta 1996

Olympic Vice-champion silver – Sydney 2000

Olympic Games bronze – Athens 2004

Olympic Games fifth place – Beijing 2008

World Champion – Rio de Janeiro 2007


Pan American Champion – Miami 2008

World Championships Senior bronze – Munich 2001

World Cup Champion – Brazil 2008

Olympic Vice-champion – Beijing 2008


Pan American Champion – Argentina 2006

Super A Tournament – Hamburg 2008 – Winner

Pan American Vice-champion – Miami 2008

Olympic Vice-champion – Beijing 2008


Pan American Champion – Canada 2007

OPEN class, fifth place, World Championship – Rio de Janeiro 2007

Super A Tournament, second place – Hamburg 2008

Pan American Champion – Miami 2008

Olympic bronze – Beijing 2008

Among all the men, especially for his “fair play”, RAZUL BOGIEV from Tajikistan stands out, a judoka who, for the first time in Italy at Porto Sant’Elpidio, won first place at the TRE TORRI in the –73 kg weight class, in front of our own Azzurro MARCO MADDOLONI, competing with the Gruppo Sportivo delle Fiamme Oro (F.F.O.O. – Italian Finance Police Team), the only quality athlete that Italian Judo was able to put forward on this occasion.

RAZUL BOGIEV confirms his talent following the TRE TORRI tournament and achieves a historic result for his country, getting on to the most prestigious podium of all, at the Beijing Olympic Games. The young man wins his Olympic final for 3rd place in front of the Lisbon European Champion – 2008, Dirk VAN TICHELT (he, too, we know from the 2004 TRE TORRI, a bronze medallist) adding another bronze medal to that one he already has from the last World Championships in Rio de Janeiro in September 2007.

RAZUL BOGIEV, is one among our more renowned players in the TT world, he wanted to compete in Beijing wearing the TT – TRE TORRI Judogi and achieved his aim. We thank him for this gift he gave us and we are proud, as promoters of the TT – TRE TORRI Brand, for reaching such a conclusion in such a short space of time.

Congratulations to RAZUL BOGIEV and to his Russian trainer, Master Vladimir Elchaninov (Judo 6th Dan), we are waiting for him to honour next year’s 25th..

We would like to commend MARCO MADDALONI for having contributed to the success of the TRE TORRI competition by taking part and we also recognise the fact that he tried with his every energy, to defend his weight class as well as the colours of his F.F.O.O. team (Fiamme Oro).

Marco’s final was absolutely wonderful, with great crowd participation in the hall. He was encouraged by the public announcer Fabrizio Marchetti, who has adapted perfectly to his new role of promoting voice of the Porto Sant’Elpidio event.

This final, of the –73 kg, ended a perfect draw, the man from Tajikistan knew just how to leave a more determined imprint on matters, RAZUL BOGIEV athletically stronger owing to his preparation for the Olympics, nevertheless fully achieved his goal.

Satisfied, too, was our own MARCO MADDALONI with his final and the spectators present applauded the eventual outcome which, in the end, rewarded the better athlete on this occasion.

Yet another illustrious presence at the TRE TORRI competition in the –70 kg category was another Hungarian, ANNET MESZAROS, bronze medallist, at the last World Championships in Rio de Janeiro in September 2007.

The competitive value of this girl takes on an even greater meaning here, in that she is able to beat the Cuban ANAISIS HERNÁNDEZ SARRIA, in the elimination phase, who will be the Olympic Vice-champion in Beijing.

We also would like to thank LASZLO HANGYASI, Technical Director and head of the delegation of the Hungarian Olympic Team which took part in the Beijing games, for having taken part for the first time here at the TRE TORRI competition.

Our character has made us used to results of great prestige. You just have to think of that phenomenon who represented Hungary ANTAL KOVACS and who, at only 20, won the Olympic title in Barcelona ’92 and the World Championships in Hamilton ’93 as well as yet other awards. His prize record is simply too long.

Technical Director, Laszlo Hangyasi, achieved another world title in the –73 kg class, Cairo 2005, with AKOS BRALIN, who in the last Lisbon European Championships, deprived our MARCO MADDALONI from taking part in the Olympics.

We cannot but mention the participation of countries like, Germany, always represented at the TRE TORRI competition, with their forty athletes (twenty-six Men and 14 Women) and which takes the podium 7 times, for the women, and 8 times, for the men.

Belgium, with its fifteen athletes taking part, (11 men and 4 women), both French-speaking and Flemish Federations come to our tournament and also take part in the Judo Camp.

Among its athletes are: -60 kg SENNE WIJNS, -66 kg JEAN YVES BOTTIEAU winner of the last edition, same weight category are: TOM VAN HERCK and JASPER LEFEVRE, in the –73 kg weight class DAMIAN MARTINUZZI and the old, only joking, KOEN SLEECKX, who, among other things, has taken part in the TRE TORRI several times and winning a bronze in 2005 there.

In the –81 kg category, DANIEL FERNANDEZ, a player we’re very fond of and who also won the bronze in the 2006 TRE TORRI competition. In the same category, STEVEN CNUDDE together with CHRISTOPHE VAN DIJCK and TIM VAN GLABEKE, in the –90 kg category NATHAN DERECK GIELIS who starts his competition run surprising our fearless LAMBERTO RAFFI with a perfect “Yoko tomoe nage”. We can say nothing to fault his expert technique in this contest that forbids our old Italian champion expressing himself, as only he knows how.

What can we say about LAMBERTO RAFFI? A judo player whose dedication and great level of passion is to be taken as an example. We thank him for having once again been with us. We would like to emphasise the participation of this champion of judo who with his talents, on several occasions, has provided us with great emotion.

Staying with Belgium, in the Women’s –48 kg category, we see AMELIE ROSSENEU who, among other things, manages to climb the podium winning a great bronze medal. KATRIEN NATOLI takes part in the final for third place in the –52 kg category like JULIE BAEYENS

in the –57 kg class. Finally, bronze in the –63 kg category which features KATRIEN VERHEEKE, who gets the better, just in a manner of speaking, of NADIA MINARDI, the British competitor.

Great Britain with fourteen athletes (5 men and 9 women) win a gold in the Men’s –60 kg category with the good display put on by JAMES MILLAR, winner on last 28th January in the Tbilisi (Georgia) World Cup, overcoming the Frenchman PALHEC AURELIEN. Silver in the –90 kg category goes to JONATHAN PURSSEY. In the –52 kg Women’s, a bronze goes to RENICKS LOUISE.

SALLY CONWAY, -70 kg, an athlete of consolidated international standards, at this year’s TRE TORRI, competes with Edinburgh Judo Club. The Scottish girl, who already gained a silver in Germany at the 2008 edition of the Otto Super World Cup last February in Hamburg, behind the Olympic Vice-champion YALENNIS CASTILLO (Cuba), at the TRE TORRI competition she will have to give in to the Hungarian, ANNET MESZAROS.

Somebody else we’ve met before, since this is not the first time that SIMONE CALLENDER has come to Porto Sant’Elpidio, this time for the London Budokwai, she takes the podium with a deserved bronze in the +78 kg class.

France, with ten athletes, (6 men and 4 women) with the Judo Club Maison-Alfort, and the Judo Club 2 Vireux, wins the silver with ANDRIEU JEREMY who has to surrender in the final to the German NILS DOCHOW, having almost completely disputed the contest evenly throughout. The German’s “Kouchimakikomi” proving fatal.

REMILIEN MICHAEL comes to the TRE TORRI for the first time and contends an excellent match and obtains a spectacular 3rd place, bronze in the –73 kg category.

The French champion from Judo Club Maison-Alfort, is no perfect stranger, either. Bronze medal at the French Championships Senior in 2008 and European Junior and World Champion Junior 2008.

We discover, among other things, that the international-bound competitor, already met RAZUL BOGIEV last year at the Paris Tournament.

REMILIEN MICHAEL gives a display of a very dynamic, athletic and full-of-energy type of judo, but once again he has to bow out to the Tajikistan Champion, winner of the category.

Spain is represented by Valencia Judo Club and with Cuban Coach, like father like son, YOSVANY RONALDO VEITIA Jr., for the first time at the TRE TORRI, with three athletes (3 men).

In the –73 kg category DAVID GONZALEZ will contend four matches. Good show, his.

-66 kg category, MEDINA HECTOR, will take part in four matches. In the –60 kg class, JAVIER SELMA goes in for five matches including the final for third place.

Holland, with its six participants (4 men and 2 women) the “Sport School Van De Pol” Club returns to the TRE TORRI presenting LEX NIEKOOP in the -81 kg class, MICHAEL KUIPER in the –90 kg class, PAUL MECHIELSEN in the –100 kg class, and finally JUUL FRANSSEN in the –57 kg category.

Again from Holland is JEFFREY VAN EMDEN competing for the ”Stichting Topjudo Kenamju” club in the +100 kg class, the boy who trains at his brothers’, the VAN DER GEESTs, club, and awarded the bronze at the 2008 TRE TORRI.

From Croatia, we have two heavy weights from the “JK Jamato Zagreb” club, BERISLAV NADINIC and DINKO VOLODER. Nothing to do for the two Croatian giants who have to give way: the former to the Dutchman JEFFREY VAN EMDEN and the latter, to the German, TOBIAS ALBUSCHIES.

Argentina is present with contestants like the 2003 Osaka World Champion, DANIELA KRUKOWER, who on this occasion will take the bronze. The Argentine champion begins her dazzling judo career in Israel, and moving on to Argentina, she goes on her way till she achieves the Osaka world title in 2003. Then, other wins till in this 24th TRE TORRI, she comes to Porto Sant’Elpidio.

The Argentine girl will only achieve part success, her path through the competition will be partially interrupted by the German, CLAUDIA AHRENS, who, for no less than twice, surprises the women’s world champion with a strange “Tomoe nage”. DANIELA KRUKOWER will, however, win the bronze. She will get her revenge over AHRENS on the first weekend of July and will win the gold at the “German Open Braunschweig” International Tournament in Germany.

Still from Argentina, together with DANIELA KRUKOWER and his first appearance at the TRE TORRI is the 2007 Pan American champion, MIGUEL ALBARRACIN.

The Pan American champion, in the initial match draws the German, NIKLAS VON lot. Thus begins his –66 kg contest even though he normally competes in the –60 kg class, not at all intimidated by a “Te guruma”, he pushes slightly into the lead but then falls prey to a strange “Uchi mata” which allows the German to take the lead by a “Yuko”. MIGUEL tries to make up for this by attacking throughout the whole match, towards the end of the match he faces this strange form of “Uchi mata” and this time, it’s “IPPON”.

The Pan American champion will then win the bronze, beating the Belgian JEAN YVES BOTTIEAU, category winner of last year, in the final.

Another Argentine, HECTOR CAMPOS, in the –81 kg will be eliminated in his first match by the strong German, ROBERT GESS, he won’t be drawn again, unfortunately, because the latter will lose his match in the quarter-finals to the Dutchman LEX NIEKOOP.

There’s nothing left for HECTOR CAMPOS to do except the TRE TORRI Judo Camp.

Another illustrious character of Argentine judo, the 2007 Miami Pan American Vice-champion, EDUARDO COSTA, chose our Judo Camp to strengthen his preparation for the Olympic Games.

From Slovenia, the Federation takes part with seven athletes, a team demanding respect. It takes the bronze in the +100 kg category, MATJAZ CERAJ over the German TOBIAS ALBUSCHIES, together in this category, we find the winner of the last TRE TORRI competition, MITJA JENUS who will later have to make way for the Italian, DANIELE MATIDDI.

Slovenia presents MATIJA ERJAVEC in the –100 kg category, DENIS IMAMOVIC in the –90 kg class, an interesting athlete who takes part in four matches until he reaches the final for third place in front of the Russian, DMITRY GERASIMENKO. The Slovenian athlete will claim fifth place.

In order, ROK LESKOVSEK in the -81 kg category, MARIO RUDL in the -73 kg category, DORIJAN JAMNISEK in the -60 kg category compete for Slovenia.

Finally, we would like to emphasise the return of Mexico, with the Women’s Pan American Champion, VANESSA ZAMBOTTI BARRETO, who claims bronze. Of Italian origin, the Mexican champion begins her contest with victory over SIMONE CALLENDER from “Budokwai London”, then she has to make way for the young Cuban, HEIDY ABREU RAMIREZ,.

VANESSA ZAMBOTTI BARRETO will win her final for the bronze medal, over the Italian, LUCIA TANGORRE.