It is with great pride that I introduce the 24th edition of the “TRE TORRI” Judo Tournament, an important sporting event which takes place in our own Porto Sant’Elpidio.

The competence of Master and educationalist Corrado Croceri, a well-known expert in the field of the art of judo, jointly with the passion and organisation of the Kenshiro Abbe – Gruppo Marche, lend that feeling of being a leader in the national and international arena, to the Tournament.

The Tournament brings a sense of cultural enrichment to our town; all our facilities will be ready and waiting to warmly welcome each and every guest to the event, who, I am convinced, will surely be pleasantly taken by the warmth of our people.

This year, too, the XXIXth Olympic Games will take place in Beijing, and the “TRE TORRI” Tournament will be an important practice ground for every athlete, putting their physical and athletic condition to the test; I am therefore sure that the technical standard of this 24th edition will be even higher that it has been in past years.

I would like to express my gratitude to the athletes; it is they who become promoters of those sentiments which make us all richer: solidarity, the spirit of integration, honesty, these are important values upon which sport, and judo particularly, are founded; they forge the character of the younger athletes and invite us to reflect.

The event also offers an excellent occasion in letting us be understood, with particular regard that cultural, religious, ethnic diversity need not create barriers: that sport can and must act as a vehicle for meeting as well as confronting oneself with others.

The “TRE TORRI” Tournament is one of the resources of our town: I remain convinced that this year too, it will not fail in providing us with many occasions of thrills and excitement.

The Major of Porto Sant'Elpidio

Prof. Mario Andrenacci