It is with extreme pleasure that I associate myself with presenting the 23rd edition of the “TRE TORRI” competition, a jewel in the crown of the town of the Porto Sant’Elpidio Administration, which can but be intensely proud of hosting such a unique world event.

Judo is certainly a relatively little-practised sport in Italy, but thanks to TRE TORRI, which displays its more spectacular facets, as well as to the untiring activity of Master Croceri, who is projected more towards making its educational and training value better known, it is spreading through the youth of the city area and bringing with it, unexpected benefits.

This is by no means the only positive effect that the Tournament is bringing to the town of Porto Sant’Elpidio and surrounding areas of our splendidly beautiful Region.

I am referring to tourism, to commerce, and finally, but not least of all, to culture. The name of Porto Sant’Elpidio, of little importance on the world geographical scale of things, is known even in the most inconsequential of corners of the world, for being the centre of an event that calls athletes, of international value, from each of the four continents of the globe.

The climate, the colours, the sea and pine grove, the bicycle lane, but also the restaurants, the ice-cream shops, the fashionable boutiques and the radience of its people leave an indelible mark in the heart of all of the guests to TRE TORRI.

I feel that I must make a further remark, no less important than the previous ones. In such a difficult time for all our society, forced to take a completely new multi-ethnical dimension into consideration, one of many implications, an event like the TRE TORRI can represent a useful opportunity to let our youth experiment, and not just them, and find that cultural, religious, linguistic diversity is a resource and not a limitation.

Here, I will end expressing my most sincere congratulations to the organisers of the Tournament, who will surely provide us with so many sensational emotions which are sure to be of the highest level.

The Major of Porto Sant'Elpidio

Prof. Mario Andrenacci