##TRE TORRI 2006 The return of the former World Champion, Jimmy Pedro as coach of the USA team, the attendance of the President of the British Judo Association and Manager of the European Judo Association, Mr. Design White, (Bronze Medal at the World Championship - Essen ’87), crowned with success the most important Italian Tournament in the world. PORTO SANT'ELPIDIO. After a three day competition, the 22nd edition of the International Judo Tournament TRE TORRI ended successfully. The Individual Competition was marked by a massive participation of athletes coming from 16 Countries and representing 4 Continents (Asia – Europe – Oceania – Pan America). As setting of this event, which always wins a lot of coverage, there was a large audience made up of Judo experts, management, the judokas and their friends and family as well as people just curious to see a sport which doesn’t attract a lot of publicity but that, nevertheless, is enjoyed by a lot of people. The Team Competition is always very popular for the foreign teams whereas we cannot say the same for the Italians. The only Italian representatives were a team from the region of Umbria who tried their best in this capacity. Authorities were also present, from the Mayor of Porto Sant’Elpidio, Prof. Mario Andrenacci, to the Councillor for Sports and Tourism, Mr. Giampiero Tosoni. Marche Region was represented by the Councillor for Sports and Tourism, Dr. Alessandro Donati, and the Province of Ascoli Piceno was represented by Dr. Ing. Renato Vallesi (Province Councillor), who awarded the Champions of this TRE TORRI edition 2006. The President, Design White, together with the other aforementioned local authorities, played a prominent role announcing all the famous names present as well as awarding medals to the athletes on the podium. **The following people have been awarded by the President of the British Judo Association in the following order:** 1 The Olympic Champion of Sydney 2000, Pino Maddaloni, was at TRE TORRI to follow his brother Marco. Pino Maddaloni, winner of the Paris Tournament last February (the most prestigious tournament in the world) and just returned from the European Championship in Tampere where he won a Silver Medal, has with this recent success reconfirmed his status as a top athlete in the –81 Kg category. We would like to thank the champion who has honoured us with his presence, and we hope to see him on the podium of the World Championship 2007. 2 The World Champion - Birmingham ‘99 – Olympic Bronze Medal Atlanta ’96 - Athens ’04 Mr. Jimmy Pedro (USA). Jimmy was extremely generous lending himself as witness to a big promotional display, delighting the audience with a show like the Art Studio of New York. Jimmy Pedro with impeccable manners, being accustomed to television cameras, with a large reserve of energy and his friendly approach, enriched the demonstration programme by performing with the children who were present. 3 Master Marino Marcolina 6° Dan was also awarded, an old favourite of Italian Judo; he is still very fit. Upon kind request of the organizer and fellow of practice Mr Corrado Croceri, he was introduced to the audience and the young judokas as an example of devotion to Judo. The old Champion (we say it as a joke) from Friuli region, regularly in judoji, participated to the evening demonstration doing his “randorata” with the children. We would like to thank Architect Giorgio Ercoli, director of "Le Mimose" Tourist Centre where we moved our headquarters this year, for his contribution in offering nominal but significant garlands to the famous people present at the ceremony. The Children of Porto Sant’Elpidio, Montegiorgio, San Severino Marche and Corridonia Clubs, under the guidance of the Masters Roberto Paniccià 4° Dan, (Professor of Physical Education), and Boris Giachetta 1° Dan, who wants to become a coach, both students of Dojo Kenshiro Abbe – Gruppo Marche of Corridonia, could play a leading role, an important moment for all of them. Roberto Paniccià, 4° Dan now Judo teacher of "Dojo Yawara" in Porto Sant’Elpidio, a Judo Association founded by him, a highly appreciated Jodoka for his technical qualities, an active trainee, an expert, as well as a painstaking researcher of teaching methods, has lately come into the limelight with “Kata” competitions (A Judo Exercise of Form). Roberto Paniccià, Italian Champion in this category, wore the blue shirt (National Team) at the last European Championship held in London, winning the Silver Medal for “Kime no Kata” in pairs with Giuseppe De Berardinis. ###The weather did not suit the occasion Although the summer was just round the corner, the weather was inclement on that weekend of June; despite the rain however, the most intrepid athletes, thanks to the donation by the firm of Massetani (bicycle specialists) of 200 bikes were able to brighten the town of Porto Sant’Elpidio moving from one place to another. The organization also guaranteed the transfer of the athletes present at TRE TORRI with an excellent shuttle service from “Le Mimose” Tourist Centre, located in the southern part of the town, to the Palasport in via Ungheria which is instead in the northern part of Porto Sant’Elpidio. We would like to thank Dr. Renato Massetani of Morrovalle (MC), who perfectly understood the spirit of the operation, which ended successfully despite the bad weather. Today, at “Le Mimose” Tourist Centre we can encounter a lot of bicycles carrying the TRE TORRI logo. Altogether this has been an excellent Co-Marketing operation for the Tournament and the bicycle specialists Massetani. The technical presence of Massetani company, besides promoting the sports event TRE TORRI and its own products, allowed the participants to get to know the town better, at the same time injecting an international flavour into the area, which can only boost its tourist profile. ###The International Calendar **By a twist of fate, the International Calendar had dates which coincided this year, fortunately it won’t be the same in 2007:** 1 The absence of the sons from the land of the Rising Sun, was obviously felt. Japan, which has already confirmed its participation to TRE TORRI 2007, were not able to honour this traditional appointment because of a National Competition. Their absence has surely influenced the results of this TRE TORRI edition. The presence of Hiromi Kaji (athlete of the Japanese National Team from Tsukuba University, Bronze Medal in –52 Kg. category who has demonstrated the benefits of being trained at an excellent school as all the judokas from Japan do) doesn’t count in a tournament as TRE TORRI, where we are now used to some prestigious names attending, like Keiji SUZUKI, Hiroshi IZUMI, Masato UCHISHIBA, Tadahiro NOMURA and other valuable judokas as Yuta YASAKI winner of TRE TORRI 2003, Michiro OMIGAWA winner of TRE TORRI 2002 and others on a long successful list. 2 The non participation of countries like Cuba, with the women’s team of Ronaldo Veitia, and Brazil, with athletes of the skill of Flavio CANTO etc., formerly present at TRE TORRI, was caused by the corresponding Pan American Championship 2006 in Buenos Aires (The Pan American Championship was held the weekend before TRE TORRI 2006). We are sure of their return next year, for the 23rd edition of TRE TORRI 2007. 3 Another absence was that of North Africa due to the Africa Championship at Mauritius on the same weekend. 4 The European Championship in Tampere (Finland) took place the week before; in short, never as in this year has it been that many competitors across the globe have coincided. Nonetheless, as before, TRE TORRI was a high level event and, moreover, a very popular one as always. This was as to speak “the sabbatical year” and our top athletes have not missed the opportunity to win a lot of medals. At TRE TORRI 2007 we expect the participation of the national teams of the most judo-renowned countries as they prepare for the World Championships and Olympics. 2007 will be the year of the World Championship and the year preceding the Peking Olympics, the European Championship will be looked forward in April: all this news will surely favour the Adriatic Tournament. Porto Sant’Elpidio will see the participation of the most important names of Judo at high sports level. The Success of the Italians in competition In the men’s competition three categories out of seven turned out to be successful for the Italian judokas, a result which we have not been able to get for many years, whereas in the women’s competition the only Gold Medal for Italy was that of Camilla Magnolfi from “Fiamme Gialle” in the –52 Kg. cat., who defeated the Canadian Sall Aminata, Pan American Champion of Buenos Aires 2006. In all the other categories stood out German athletes, one Gold Medal to France with Eva Bisseni in the +78 Cat Kg. and a Gold Medal to Holland with Margot Wetzer at –63 Kg. As every year, the organization awarded an athlete for their performance at TRE TORRI Tournament, for the women the best was the German Miryam Roper winner of the –57 Kg. category, while for the men was awarded as best athlete of France Junior Tournament the World Champion David Larose, winner of the –60 Kg. cat. Results: Three Gold Medal out of seven for Italy Italy won the Gold Medal with Yuri Contegreco in the – 66 Kg, a good success for the group from Turin trained by J. Pawlowski, with Marco Maddaloni in the -73 Kg. category, an excellent result which our favourite Neapolitan has been pursuing for a long time. Marco Maddaloni, after the success at the Absolute Italian Championship in Pesaro, is victorious once again, a fantastic achievement - TRE TORRI 2006 to add to his Palmares. In the –81 Kg. category Antonio Ciano, the Absolute Italian Champion 2006 and winner of TRE TORRI 2005, reconfirms his leadership, presently in charge of the Sports Groups of Fiamme Gialle, an undoubtedly impressive and mature young man who surely will go to get more excellent results. The massive participation of the Italians at high level (present with very competitive teams, besides the Military Sports Groups Carabinieri, Revenue Guard Corps, State Police and Penitentiary Police), rewarded the organizational effort of the “deus ex machina” of TRE TORRI, Corrado Croceri. **Being aware of the difficulties involving the organization of a tournament of such a high level, M° Corrado Croceri told us that this 22nd edition had finished positively from all aspects:** 1 There was a remarkable participation by major countries, among which all European countries distinguished themselves: representations from Oceania, Canada, United States and New Zealand all participated. 2 The technical level was very high. What was particularly appreciated this year was the way in which TRE TORRI has allowed young people who appear at International Judo competition to mature and also enjoy the experience. 3 The Stage, following the Tournament, was generously attended until Thursday 8th June, crowing the success of the whole initiative. The number of countries which remained until the end of the Stage contributed to make it very appreciated. On this regard, the Italians (repeats M° C. Croceri) are still behind; it is a pity that not everybody can plan to remain longer. It is a great opportunity to compare with the high level foreign athletes who we can see at official International competitions (World Championships, Olympics, etc…). The Organizer of TRE TORRI confirmed that most of the times our national team have been defeated by athletes of international level who were present at TRE TORRI and the Stage. Master Croceri points out that all training is directed by a technical master of a different country, and this is very interesting because each of them offers something new, from a different background, and allows each participant a more multi faceted approach to his or her training. Other Italian names which stood out. The Carabiniere Paolo Isabella 2° Classified in the +100 Kg. category, the revenue officer Stefano Marcelli finalist in the -66 Kg. Another success with Fiamme Gialle with Giovanni Casale 3° Classified in the –66 Kg. category. It should be pointed out the very good performance of the athletes of “civil” associations: Elio Verde (Star Judo Napoli) finalist in the category -60 Kg., who had to bow before the Junior World Champion, the Frenchman David Larose (Leader Judo Athlete Saint Genevieve in Paris). The heaviest categories were successful for the Germans, who have become more and more numerous at TRE TORRI the last few years. We should acknowledge in order the performance of Frank Dedek, in the -90 Kg. cat., Behrla Benjamin in -100 Kg. and Nico Kanning in +100 Kg. For the second year in this tournament, traditionally characterized by the presence of other continents and particularly by Pan American and Asian “Teams”, Europe begins to be more and more present at last. Great Britain, captained by the President of British Judo Association Mr. Design White and by Coach Billy Cusack and Diane Bell, came with a very competitive team which won a Silver Medal in the men’s category in the –73 Kg. with CRAIG EWERS, and the in women’s competitions Bronze Medals of SALLY CONWAY and GEMMA GIBBONS. Belgium won two finals with TIM PEDUS in – 90 Kg. cat. (Silver Medal) and with VALERIE DEGRYSE (Silver Medal) in –63 Kg. women’s; moreover, in the men’s category Bronze medal with MARTINUZZI DAMIANO in -73 Kg. who had to concede defeat in the semi-final to our top athlete MARCO MADDALONI, the match concluding with some dubious umpiring decisions, mixed regulations from the old and new system. Other placing were: fifth place for DIMITRI NEMEGAIRE in the same category, DANIEL FERNANDEZ in –81 Kg. and KOENRAAD DE VISSCHER in -100 Kg. Holland, in the women’s competition won a Gold Medal with MARGOT WETZER –63 Kg. (European Champion Under 20, 2° Class. at TRE TORRI 2005) and a bronze medal with ELLEN KERSSEMAKERS -57 Kg. France won a gold medal with the Junior World Champion DAVID LAROSE, who stood out for “ippon” in all matches contended. Thanks to the prestigious cooperation of an exceptional photographer, Mons. Didier Chowanek owner of “Art Lines”, TRE TORRI will feature in a French Judo Magazine. We are very proud of this and we would like to inform the readers of this new magazine, “l’esprit du JUDO”, directed by Emmanuel Charlot & Olivier Remy, that in N° 4 of July and August 2006 published a poster of TRE TORRI with a spectacular IPPON of “Ura nage” of David Larose. France, present with several groups, obtained one more Bronze in -100 Kg with FREDERIC STIEGELMANN. In the women’s competition, EVA BISSENI won the +78 Kg. category. Other bronze medals were won by AMEL BENSEMAIN, GABRIELLE DEFLORENNE, PAULINE CAMUS, LUCIE LOUETTE. Slovenia for the second consecutive year wins the women’s competition defeating Canada, strong also for the presence of the Champion URSKA ZOLNIR (Bronze Medal at the Olympics in Athens). In the men’s Individual team Silver Medal with FERJAN PRIMOZ –100 Kg. United States, a very young team captained by Jimmy Pedro, was the delegation which stayed the longest in Porto Sant’Elpidio. We are sure that Jimmy’s work will be shortly rewarded. We should appreciate his qualities even as Coach, attentive to strengthen the spirit of cohesion of the team and able to carry out and maintain, in a serene atmosphere, a level of intensity and above all quality. The American Team, strictly in uniform made on purpose for TRE TORRI, were a credit to both themselves and the organisers. Also Canada, very loyal to TRE TORRI with M° Hiroshi Nakamura, has on the first day won two Bronze Medals with ISABELLE PEARSON in the -63 Kg. cat. and WILL FRAZER (winner of the American Championship which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the week before TRE TORRI). WILL FRAZER, an old acquaintance of TRE TORRI, in the -60 Kg. category has remarkably improved his performance, emulating the result he got on the last TRE TORRI edition. Bronze Medal also with OLIA BERGER in the +78 Kg. category, while SALL AMINATA won the Silver Medal, same result of TRE TORRI 2005. TRE TORRI 2007, twenty-third edition, an appointment not to miss.