History Tre Torri 2000

History Tre Torri 2000

Also this 16th edition ended up reaching the highest levels under the technical and spectacular aspect. The high number of matches ended for IPPON (victory before the time limit) gave a great contribution to the prestige of our discipline, often disregarded by the media.

Olimpic atmosphere thanks to the number of Champions taking part, the Tre Torri 2000 showed a poster original and significant in its particular layout, as usual in all initiatives Prof. Corrado Croceri undertakes, manager of the Tre Torri Tournament, He's been always so careful to present Judo through its own "look" that defining just particular is not enough. Let's say that an event like "Tre Torri" is just what was missing and now it is to be hardly maintained.

Cuba has been once again the Leader Nation, together with Brasil and its delegation, the most numerous one and with so many Olimpic champions. In male competition we see spectacular matches of extremely high level, as the one of the final -60 Kg. discussed in the decision of our best Italian referee, Mr. Pasquale Chyiurlia, POULOT RAMOS MANOLO and the Japanese UCHISHIBA MASATO, in our opinion undoubtfully the very best one. Victory of the Cuban who was able to turn in his favour an Ippon action of the great Japanese.

Interesting performance of the Brasilian LEE ALEXANDRE, just 5th the Fiamme Oro of the Police Team, CITRO EMILIO who competed in a superlative match till the semifinal.

In the -66 Kg category, the Cuban ARENCIBIA VERDECIA YORDANIS wins on the Brasilian NEY UTIDA. Bronze medal ofr the Israelian VAKS EHND together with the Italian MARGARONE ANGELO who surprised all mounting a prestigious podium.

The 73 Kg. category has been for sure the one presentino an athlet in an amamzing shape, the Brasialian PEREIRA SEBASTIAN who hits with an incredible Seoi-nage Ippon the team-mate KATSURAGI ALEXANDRE whose competetion has been extraordinary till the final for beauty of his Japanese School technics. Third position for the Algerian YAGOUBI NAREDDINE and the Brasialian VAREJAO MARCIO.

Interesting performance the one of the young Brasialin who then will end at the 5th place, TIAGO CAMILO, a name who's going to be heard again in the future we bet.

In -81 Kg. category again a Brasilian final, where the great FLAVIO CANTO defeats his yellow GUEDES ALEXANDRE. The two athletes put up a match made of swinging situation, showing how well they know each other's features.

At the third place the Brasilian ARAGAO MARCEL and our friend from Argentina, well known here at the Tre Torri, GASTON GARCIA who succeeds in defeating in the final for the third place, the great Russian DENIS OGUENKO, aspirant to the Gold as for his performance in the preliminary. Fifth place for the young Korean KWON YOUNG-WOO.

In the -90 Kg. category the statuary DESPAIGNE YOSVANE, Cuban athlet winning for the third time the Gold medal, in this edition of the Tre Torri against the Argentine COSTA EDUARDO, interesting the return of the strong Russian SERGUEEV DMITRI, already Olympic medal, who has to be content of the third place, sharing it with the Carabiniere GIACCAGLIA GIANLUCA, the only Italian together with ANGELO MARGARONE to reach the podium in this Tre Torri 2000.

In the -100 Kg category, the expected victory is for the most titled athlete, the Canadian NICOLAS GILL, already winner at the Tre Torri '95. A pleasant return of our friend Nicolas who faced a very interesting young athlete, MIKHALYIN ALEXANDER, the russian who's bound to catch the attention of the worldwide Judo. The Russian athlete has to yield in front of the Canadian's experience, who will gain his second Gold here at the Tre Torri, with an action of Tani-otoshi. Third place in this category for the Cuban KESELL GOIRE YOSVANE and the Algerian SAMI BELGROUN.

In the +100 Kg. category, the Cuban SANCHEZ ARMENTEROS WLADIMIR wins against the Algerian BOVAICLIAOUI MOHAME. Both at the third place the Japanese TAKATAMA KAZUKI and the Brasilian FIEBIG ELTON.

Extraordinary performance the one of the Cuban team trained by Ronaldo Veitia Valdivie. A team of olympic level with AMARILIS SAVON in -48 Kg. competing in the final with the fellow ANNARA CHACON. Bronze medal in this category goes to the Italian FRANCESCA CONGIA. In -52 Kg. category LEGNA VERDECIA, candidate for the Olympic Gold, defeats the Brasilian FABIANE HUKUNDA.

In the -57 Kg. category again a Cuban, DRIULIS GONZALES defeats the Brasialian TANIA FERREIRA showing all her physical excellence. So moving the Italo-Brasilian CRISTIANE PARMIGIANO's tears winning in such an extraordinary final against her fellow VANIA ISHII. This athlete expresses her high level, getting the prize as best athlete of the Tournament, together with the Japanese MASATO UCHISHIBA, for men.

In the upper categories of the -70 Kg. the real protagonist is SIBELIS VERANES, candidate for the Gold medal to the following World Championship in Birmingham. Another success goes to a Cuban in the -78 Kg category, YAHIMA MENDEZ RAMIREZ defeats the Brasilian OLIVEIRA. Just one Italian success in female competitions, VALENTINA PAPA's surprising victory; she strikes the World Champion DAIMA BELTRAND GUISADO, the expected favorite.

To be underlined is the massive participation of the Russian delegation that's to be content of just a Silver medal gained by GALLIANT SVETLANA in the -70 Kg category and two bronze medals going to KOUZINA IOULIA in the same category and GOUNDARENKO SVETLANA in the +78 Kg category. This female competition has been characterized by such a a high agonistic and technical level.