History Tre Torri 1999

History Tre Torri 1999

This Tournament also has, as usual, the presence of reputed athletes at the "TRE TORRI" , which is by now a top ranking judo event. Four Continents are represented. Amongst the strongest nations stands Cuba, with male and female teams dominating the two days of competition. In men's team, in the -60 Kilos Category, the Cuban POULOT RAMOS MANOLO, after having beaten the Argentinian JORGE LENCINA, succumbs in the semi-final against the young Korean MIN HO CHOI.

The latter, in turn, was second against the formidable Brazilian DENIL‚ON LAURENCIO in an enthralling final with innumerable attacks from both the finalists. In the -66 Kilos Category HRVOJE PETRANO VIC is the surprise winner over the Argentinian NICOLAS CRUCES in a thrilling final which test the heart of coach DAVOR VUKOPERA - who was beside himself to see his athlete's first international success - and is an unexpected impressive win for CROAZIA. In the -73 Kilos Category the Swiss OLIVIER SHMUTZ comes to the fore, and ends as second, showing himself to be a stubborn opponent even for the more highly-rated Brazilian champion, SEBASTIAN PEREIRA - eventual winner. In the -81 Kilos Category it is the day of FRANCESCO LEPRE, the Italian athlete of "Fiamme Gialle" Sports Group.

Having sprained an ankle in the earlier rounds, he fights in the final in a precarious physical condition, and has to be happy with the second place against the Cuban ARTEAGA RISQUET GABRIEL. We are convinced that the Italian athlete could have won the Category if he had been in a better condition. Third is our DARIO ROMANO together with the Hungarian ISTVAN KANCLER. In the -90 Kilos Category there was further success for Cuba, with the young YOSVANE TERRY DESPAIGNE. Already matured by great international results, DESPAIGNE imposes himself in a titanic struggle in the final with the tough SZABO CSABA, a leading light in the Hungarian national team.

Place of honour goes to the Italians LAMBERTO RAFFI of the CARABINIERI Sports Club, who defeats the strong Englishman STEVEN VIDLER, and to young IGNAZIO CAPEZZUTO of the GOLDEN FLAMES, foughting for third place against the Croatian HRVOJE PANZIC. In the -100 Kilos category victory goes to the American TONY ESPOSITO against our own AMEDEO COTTONE of the CARABINIERI Sports Club. To be honest it wasn't a great final, owing to the equally balanced opponents and the disputes between the Referees and the Italian athlete, who indulged himself in protests which it must be said do no honour to judo or those who practice it: such behaviour always is counter-productive, whatever motivates it. It is a panamerican final in the 100 kilos + Category, between the Brazilian DANIEL HERNANDES and the Cuban ANGEL SANCHEZ ARMENTEROS.

The Brazilian wins a keenly-fought contest due to his more incisive attacks. The Swiss ALEX GRUBNER and the Korean DO YOUNG KWON finished third. In women's competition there are seven titles out of seven for the great RONALDO VEITIA, a world class coach, leader of the strongest team in the world, without doubt the Cuban women's team. We mention all the athletes, and in order: SAVON CARMENATE AMARILIS, winner in the -48 Kilos category. SAVON seems to have no equal in the world at the moment: LEGNA VERDECIA RODRIGUEZ, winner of the -52 Kilos Category. "O Uchi Gari", "Morote Gari", "Sode Tsuri Komi goshi" were the tecniques used by Legna, who achieved "Kuzure Gesa Gatame" IPPON immobilization on the ground against our ANTONIA CUOMO; GONZALES MORALES DRIULIS defeated the talented Brazilian DANIELE ZANGRANDO.

In the -63 Kilos Category KENIA RODRIGUEZ OCANA won thanks to more attacks (even if the attacks weren't followed-up with telling points on the board) over the more technically accomplisched VANIA ISHII. The -70 Kilos final was between VERANES MORELL SIBELIS and our own Atlanta Olympic medaillist YLENIA SCAPIN. An eagerly contested final saw the Cuban triumph due to her physical strength; but we prefer our Ylenia, as judo aficionados, above all for her more elegant movement. In the -78 Kilos Category victory went to the World Champion CASTELLANOS DIADENIS LUNA, over the Dutch VAN DER BROEK MIRANDA. Third was LUCIA MORICO, defeated in the semifinal by LUNA. In the 78 Kilos + , another victory for Cuba with BELTRAN GUISADO DAIMA, over the Polish GORNIKA MALGORZATA.