##History Tre Torri 1997 History Tre Torri 1997 Number 13 brings luck. Amazed by this extraordinary edition, we are sure that the 14th will be better. The City Council, the Province and the Region with the Organizing Committee of "Tre Torri" will cooperate in preparing an event still more effective on the cultural and sporting relationships. South Korea with a young team has won two gold medals: for the -78 kg. cat. with Sun O Choi defeating the Russian Savtchichine Kostantin in the final, and for the +95 kg. cat. with Sung Ho Jang who wins a spectacular final performing an Ippon on the Japanese Endou Hiroshi. Japan with the Tokai University and the International Budo University fails once more its aim; maybe because of they are all young. Tadanori Koshino, World Champion (Barcelona '91), plays a part in this prestigious delegation with a spectacular performance. The male category wins a silver medal with Endou Hiroshi in the heavy weight category; the female category has a silver medal with Rika Tobisaki for the -56 kg. cat. Japan and Korea are as countries with a great judo tradition. They differ in style and technique that characterize their schools. These countries, beyond the sporting result that in our opinion is of no importance, are always an example to imitate. Italy obtains the only success with Gianni Carella for the -60 kg. cat. He is an Italian athlete of the sporting group of "Fiamme Gialle" of Rome who competes for the National team and defeats the Brazilian Lee Alexandre in a referee's decision. In the female category, Paola Postiglioni wins the first position after a match faced with power. Another medal with Laura Maddaloni for the -56 kg. cat.: "blood will tell". Italian clubs obtain the only medal with Jenny Gal, a Italo-Dutch athlete of the A.S Banzai Cortina - Roma, who defeats the Brazilian Vania Ishii in the -66 kg. cat. Jenny Gal is a Dutch woman living in Italy with her husband Giorgio Vismara. She is already in the National Italian team and will certainly represent Italy in the European Championships '98 in Spain. Great Britain is a very large delegation of young athletes but already competitive within the international circuit like Lee Burbridge, a real "fighter" from a powerful character. The blond Englishman defeated the Brazilian Olympian ROGERIO Cardoso Sampaio stopping him from launching any judo attack. There are other two bronze medals with Moss Simon and Leishman Paul; the performance of W. Gordon for the -95 kg. cat. is interesting. Russia has a very big delegation of male and female athletes with a high technical standard like Savtchichine Kostantin, an athlete from the real international value, and the other Russian Vitali Kroutogolov who is joint third. In this edition, Dimitri Morozof was fantastic performing his "Osotogari with Harai goshi". He has won a bronze medal because of a tactical error by our LAMBERTO Raffi, missing in this way the final. Another big presence is Vitali Makarov, already World Champion of the under 21s, beaten by the Brazilian SERGIO Oliveira with an uncertain decision. In the heavy weight category, Stepkine Iouri gets the third position with a good performance. For the female category, Goundarenko Svetlana wins the final over the Cuban Duena Ibis; Silver Medal for Brouletova Lioubov in the -48 kg. cat.; Kovriguina Marina is defeated by the Cuban Legna Verdecia in the -52 kg. cat.; Stusakova Radna obtains a Bronze Medal in the -66 kg. category. Brazil always attends the "Tre Torri". This year it takes part with a large delegation and important athletes like Fulvio Miyata, bronze medal for the -60 kg. together with Aurelio Miguel, Olympian (Seul '88) and Vice World Champion (Paris, October '97), behind the titled Polish P. Nastula. Aurelio, for many years at the height of world glory of judo, has been a real teacher to combine "O uchi gari - Tai Otoshi on the left". So "Tre Torri" is a world test for Aurelio MIGUEL and Fulvio Miyata; then there is the return of Rogerio Cardoso Sampaio, Olympic Champion (Barcelona '92). In this edition the leading man was Sergio Oliviera who, about thirty years old, shows his talent with a performance of skilful technique and tactics obtaining first position. Edelmar Branco Zanol returns triumphant in the -86 kg. cat.; he was the winner of the last edition in Corridonia. The well-known Brazilian athlete, after a match fought with a series of "Ippon", faces Lamberto Raffi, Carabiniere, in a final with a doubtful beginning, where the Italian tries the same technique of control winning against the Russian Dimitri Morozof. As soon as the Brazilian understands the danger due to the "Kata Gatame" of the Carabiniere, reacts with "Seoi Nage" considered "Waza ari" and followed by another "Waza ari" of "Tai otoshi". In this way the wonderful performance of Edelmar Branco Zanol ends. Argentina with Gaston Dario Garcia, fifth to the Olympic Games of Atlanta, who performs a series of techniques, from Uchi-Mata to Ura-Nage; with Alejandro Bender silver medal in this edition behind the Cuban Sanchez Vladimir. For the height weight, the Argentine delegation lines up Orlando Baccino who, with a powerful "Ura-nage",displayed an excellent technique supported by his good strength. The height weight category is very spectacular for the quality and the number of the attending athletes. Cuba is present at "Tre Torri" from '96 and is always a well represented country. It has a team full of champions like Ramos Manolo Poulot in the -60 kg. cat., Planas Israel Hernandez in the -65 kg. cat., Terry Yosvane Despaigne in the -86 kg. cat., Sanchez Vladimir in the -95 kg. cat. who graciously consents to a show with children as "invincible giant". The Cuban female category, leader with its powerful team, has Driulis Gonzales, Olympic Champion, Legna Verdecia, bronze medal and winner in the last edition in Corridonia, Castellanos Luna Diadenis who has taken her revenge on Lucia Morico in the -72 kg. cat. Mexico that attended the "Tre Torri" from the last two editions is improving. In this edition, it wins a Bronze Medal with Liliana Fernadez in the -52 kg. cat., and two fifth positions, for the male with Acuna Ricardo in the -60 kg. cat.; for the female with Rosas Josefina in the -56 kg. category. South Africa. It is good the performance of the young Justin Goosen, Bronze Medal together with Karen Spaiers for the -56 kg. cat. It is an excellent result for this delegation that is new to the international circuit. Certainly, very soon, it will take us by surp.