History Tre Torri 1996


The slogan of this year "TRE TORRI - MEETS THE WORLD", perfectly represents the widespreading character of this 1996 edition. And its real protagonists came from South, Central and North America. The contest, which is of the highest level in men's category, is dominated by the Americans, who reach all the finals except for the -71 Kg. category, where the Italian GIUSEPPE MADDALONI stands out.

In women's category for -48 Kg, GIORGINA ZANETTE wins the only gold medal awarded to an Italian woman by beating the Brazilian ANDREA RODRIGUES at Hantei (referee's decision).

In men's -60 Kg. cat., the Cuban RAMOS MANOLO POULOT gets the gold medal by beating the tough Argentinian JORGE LENCINA in the final. PLANAS ISRAEL HERNANDEZ wins the -65 Kg. category by performing a splendid ippon UCHI MATA on the very strong Brazilian GUIMARAES HENRIQUE, bronze medalist at the 1996 ATLANTA Olympic Games, junior world champion and had already won a bronze medal here in the 1995 edition of the "TRE TORRI". The -71 Kg. category, achieving the largest number of participants, is won by PEREIRA SEBASTIAN, who defeats everybody and then becoming, a few months later, world champion of the under-21s in Porto. The fact that the 1996 "TRE TORRI" tournament has the same finalists as in the junior world championships in Portugal shows the high level of participation in "TRE TORRI".

The Korean KIM KI SOO wins the gold medal in the -78 category by beating the Argentinian REBELLO DIEGO. The already famous EDELMAR BRANCO ZANOL shows his class in the -86 Kg category and proves to be of Olympic medallist standard. He also receives the prize for best athlete in his category.The former Olympic champion and vice-world champion AURELIO MIGUEL from Brazil forces himself through to the final of the -95 category, where he is surprisingly beaten by the young Canadian MORGAN KEITH. AURELIO MIGUEL then go on to win once again a bronze medal in ATLANTA. The Cuban GARCIA FRANK E. MORENO proves to be the best, in a fine contest, out of the 22 athletes in the +95 Kg. category.The outstanding Cuban women's team confirm their reputation by winning contest after contest, with the world champion RODRIGUEZ LEGNA VERDECIA in the -52 Kg., who defeats the United States Olympic member MARISA PEDULLA in the final. The surprise is the defeat by ippon of the world champion, CASTELLANOS DIADENYS LUNA - CHIBA '95 (Japan) during the preliminary heats by the "Marchigiana" LUCIA MORICO (Kodokan of Mondolfo-PS), who for this event competes under Italian colours. The Olympic champion REVE JIMENEZ ODALIS gets the gold medal in the -66 Kg.category. During the final, the Cuban easily defeats CAMPOS ROSICLEIA who had won the 1993 edition of the "TRE TORRI" in the same category.To conclude, the very nice RODRIGUEZ VILLANUEVA ESTELA, future ATLANTA silver medallist, wins the +72 Kg. category.