We are getting close to what we could call the “Olympic” edition of the TRE TORRI.

As a matter fact, every four years many renowned judo federations from around the world see the TRE TORRI as a very important tournament that cannot be missed during the preparation of their top athletes before the Olympic games.

It is an honour to be recognized as such and to be seen as a leading event in the world of judo.

We take this opportunity to announce that one of the most prestigious nations, CUBA, will attend the 2008 edition.

The Cuban delegation will also come to the stage and will join the tournament (from Monday 9th till Thursday 12th of June).

Considered by many as the most important judo event in Italy, TRE TORRI will feature again this year a number of world, continental and Olympic champions.

It is also an opportunity for young athletes from different cultures to meet, exchange and grow together through the practice of judo, from both sporting and personal perspectives.

TRE TORRI is an event that cannot be missed!

Here below are the members of the Cuban delegation to the TRE TORRI 2008 edition:


1 Justo Noda Barreto Coach

2 José Gastón Ibáñez Gómez Coach

3 Manolo Poulot Ramos Coach

4 Julio J. Alderete Reyes Coach

5 Lino Roberto Alfonso Cruz Phyisiotherapist

6 Jorge Gonzales Angulo Doctor

Male Athletes

7 Yasmany Piker Barcel Athlete - 60 Kg.

8 Antonio Betancourt López Res. Athlete - 60 Kg.

9 Javier Peña Relova Res.Athlete - 60 Kg.

10 Yordanis Arencibia Verdecía Athlete - 66 Kg.

11 Ronald Girones Sago Athlete - 73 Kg.

12 Oscar E. Cárdenas Borroto Athlete - 81 Kg.

13 Rubert Martínez Texidor Res. Athlete - 81 Kg.

14 Asley González Montero Res. Athlete - 81 Kg.

15 Jorge J. Benavide Lara Athlete - 90 Kg.

16 Oreydi Despaigne Terry Athlete - 100 Kg.

17 Yoel Erasmo Muñoz Res. Athlete - 100 Kg.

18 Oscar R. Brayson Vidal Athlete +100 Kg.


1 Hilarión Ronaldo Veitia Valdivie Coach

2 Armando J. Padrón Pérez Coach

3 Javier Rodríguez Guzmán Coach

4 Abel cueto Sanz Doctor

5 Reinaldo Chávez Corderos Physiotherapist

6 Juan A. Martínez Mesa Psychologist

7 Eric Díaz Ramón Physiotherapist

Female Athletes

8 Yanet Bermoy Acosta - Athlete - 48 Kg

9 Yagnelys C. Mestre Ramos - Athlete -52 Kg

10 Yurileidys Lupetey Cobas - Athlete -57 Kg.

11 Maricet Espinosa Gonzalez Athlete -57 Kg.

12 Driulis González Morales - Athlete - 63 Kg.

13 Anaisis Hernández Sarria - Athlete - 63 Kg.

14 Yalennis Castillo Ramírez - Athlete -70 Kg.

15 Yaritza Abel Rojas - Athlete - 70 Kg.