TRE TORRI 2009, will again be a success in its 25th edition, the organisational machine is on the home straight.

Here, we feel the need to point out the participation of very many teams with great judo tradition, this means great expectations for the organisers.

Without doubt RUSSIA will be the country to beat, Ezio Gamba, today the Technical Director of the prestigious Russian delegation, our own Olympic Champion in Moscow, will lead two teams to the this year’s TRE TORRI.

TAJIKISTAN, following the exploits of last year that confirmed Rasul Boquiev (Bronze at the Peking Olympics) ahead of our blue-eyed boy, Marco Maddaloni, in the -73kg class.

Third consecutive final for the Neapolitan athlete at the TRE TORRI, we wish him to make it to the fourth in this particular edition of the competition in Porto Sant’Elpidio.

But the real news about this extraordinary edition is the British invasion where almost 100 athletes will take part. A participation record never before reached by one country. The number is so high because Clubs, representations, as well as the National Squad all come together. 35 athletes are enrolled from the British Judo Association, delegations from Scotland and Wales all go to enlarge the British representation, will this be an all-England competition? It is an honour to us that the grand delegation will also take part in the Judo Camp to be held from the 15th – 18th of June.

An expression of thanks to our truly dear friend Patrick Roux, Technical Director of the British delegation, who has marked the TRE TORRI competition as a trial event in order to put that team which will go to Rotterdam for the next World Championships in August together.

The Spaniards are back to enrich this International showcase. Spain, besides clubs from Madrid and Valencia, takes part at the TRE TORRI with a number of athletes second only to the United Kingdom.

The Royal Spanish Judo Federation will take part at Porto Sant’Elpidio and the National Squad A and B will be there.

From the Panamerican Continent comes BRAZIL, an important country for the prestige and quality of those athletes taking part. In the Brazilian delegation, made up of 11 athletes as follow:

  1. Ayres Ricardo -60 Kg. 1° Class. EJU Junior A Tournament In Boras 2006

  2. Alves Breno -60 Kg. 1° Class. South American Championships 2008

  3. Revite Luis -66 Kg 2° Class. Panamerican Championships Junior 2006

  4. Luz Leonardo -66 kg Brazilian Championships 2008

  5. Contini Marcello -73 kg 1° Class. Panamerican Championships Junior 2008

  6. Elias Nacif -81 kg 1° Class. Panamerican Championships Junior 2007

  7. Pessanha Hugo -90 kg 5° Class. Jigoro Kano Cup 2007

  8. Aguiar Alex -100 kg 1° Class. WC Madrid 2007

  9. Leite Leonardo -100 kg 2° Class. Panamerican Championships 2007

  10. Gonçalves Leandro -100 kg 3° Class. WC Belo Horizonte 2008

  11. Santos Walter +100 kg 1° Class. Panamerican Championships 2008

CANADA is back, Nicolas Gill, Vice-Olympic Champion in Sydney 2000 and today Technical Director in charge of the Canadian team, our often-times acquaintance and winner of the TRE TORRI, has placed this most appreciated worldwide Italian Competition onto his calendar.

A delegation from the UNITED STATES, from Colorado Springs. Once more a success in this 25th edition which promises to be a top-quality tournament.

Our estimators will once again be able to follow the TRE TORRI event on Internet, thanks to new technologies, we are aiming for a live TV like last year, you will be able to follow the individual fights of the contest in real time and may be viewed on our own site: and on YouTube.