Marco Maddaloni at the 2008 TRE TORRI, the Italian athlete with most titles to his name returns to defend his gold of 2007.

The Neapolitan Champion who competes with the Italian Finance Police club will be the sole Italian from all the various Military Sports Associations who will honour this greatest of Italian competitions.

In this 2008 edition of the TRE TORRI, we will introduce a whole series of prestige athletes in each category. RUSSIA claims the most number of champion players, and here the name of MIKHAYLIN ALEXANDER, 3-time World Champion, stands out, CUBA with its Women’s team and Coach RONALDO VEITIA.

BELGIUM who will take part with the National squad, just like GERMANY, FRANCE, SPAIN, ALGERIA, HUNGARY, TAJIKISTAN, manys a nation’s ambition is to affirm themselves in this important date in the Italian spectrum.

The participation of MARCO MADDALONI is one we welcome, we would like to point him out because the Finance Police man is proving to be a champion both on the Tatami and elsewhere, too.

MARCO lets us hazard a guess, from further along the line, as to who will be victorious in his Under - 73 kg class, and it is here more than ever to be said that: “it never rains but it pours”. We all know that his is the biggest class both in number and in talent. To this Neapolitan champion who grew up with us and who is taking part in this contest that thrills us all so much, we want to give our sincerest wishes for a great victory. Good luck Marco!