The last time Japan took part at the TRE TORRI was 2005 with Kazuo YONETOMI, -60 kg category, twice Olympic Champio (Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008), Masato UCHISHIBA in the -66 kg category, Masahiko TAKAMATSU in the -73 kg, Eigo NOSE in the -81 kg, the World Champion Hiroshi IZUMI in the -90 kg and then the Olympic and World Champion Keiji SUZUKI in the -100 kg.

This was an extraordinary edition, full of dramatic twists of events. The Olympic Champion UCHISHIBA was eliminated by the Russian Maxim KUZNETSOV, by an irrestible Ude hishigi Juji Gatame (cross armlock), our Azzurro athlete Antonio Ciano, today European Vice-Champion (2009 Tblisi Georgia) for the first time took the -81 kg category from the excellent Eigo NOSE.

Japan was then represented at the TRE TORRI in 2006 by Kaji HIROMI in the -52 kg category, it was Bronze for the Japanese girl, the only representative of the Country of the Rising Sun to bring honour to the Japanese school.

The TRE TORRI competition is well-known and of good repute in Japan. In 2003, Tadahiro Nomura played the main role, the only man in the world to have won three Olympic Golds (Atlanta 1996 - Sydney 2000 - Athens 2004).

In 2004, the TRE TORRI had important names like Yohei TAKAI in the +100 kg category, today one of the best heavyweights in all Japan.

In this the 25th Anniversary of the TRE TORRI, like every year, we addressed our invitation to the Japan Judo Federation. Our interlocutor, Master Kiyoshi MURAKAMI, Deputy Secretary-General of the AJJF precisely today 27th of May, a few days from the TRE TORRI competition itself, announced the taking part of the Japanese Squad with 7 Athletes.

Mr. Kiyoshi MURAKAMI was in France for many years and is we know each other well, the master greatly appreciates European Judo and greatly esteems the TRE TORRI competition. We thank the AJJF and the Master, who is particularly engaged in having this prestigious delegation take part in the most important International Judo Tournament in Italy.

List of participants of the AJJF:

  • HIDEAKI SHIOZAWA (Sen -60kg.)

  • YUKI MIKAMI (Sen -66kg.)

  • MASAYUKI OKA (Sen -73kg.)

  • MASATAKA KIMURA (Sen -81kg.)



  • TAIGA FUJIMORI (Sen -100kg.)

We are obviously very enthusiastic about this prestigious participation which will go to enrich the already great number of countries and top-quality athletes.

A great TRE TORRI contest absolutely not to be missed.

We are waiting for you at Porto Sant'Elpidio, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of June.