A very famous form of sport practiced widely across the globe is martial arts. People follow various routes for learning martial arts, some go for traditional karate, or some try taekwondo, etc. Much effort is needed to be put in to achieve some level in any form of the martial arts. Despite of so many variations of martial arts that are prevalent in the world, there are some key points which are common to all. Like to learn any of these the most important thing needed on the mental level is discipline and hard work. And on the physical side, body conditioning is must to be achieved. Martial arts is a fierce kind of sport and that’s why to cope up your body to that level your muscles must be of adaptive nature.


The most commonly preferred practice for body conditioning is none other than running. You need to boost up your body’s metabolism in order to get it ready for harsh and immense martial arts training sessions. This can be easily achieved by getting involved in running. Once you start to combine running with martial arts, you’ll yourself feel increase in body stamina and adroitness overall. And if you are into martial arts just for learning or body conditioning purposes, you just try mixing it with running and take a nutritious diet along the entire session. You’ll be amazed to see the results you get to achieve in a short period of time only.

Running provides the finest full body cardio. These both together shall enhance your hormonal profile in a subtle way and make you enjoy the results. Running itself alone is a proven method to help improve people’s both sentimental and physical lifecycle; now when combined with a great form of sport viz. martial arts shall be truly worth the pain.

You don’t need to go for sprints, just start by casual walking and jogging. In a week or two step it up and start interval running, don’t go for HIIT right now. Coz’ you are already having an intense martial arts session, so the running part should just focus to build cardiovascular endurance.

To follow what is recommended above, you need to get yourself a fine pair of running shoes - Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend heavy amount on buying running shoes. Just keep two or three things in mind while buying one, so that they fulfill the purpose. The running shoes should be of exact fit, neither lousy nor too tight. Moreover, make sure the running shoes you buy have a nice anti-friction sole. Do check that the shoe is weather comfy, which means they go in sync with any kind of outside atmosphere.

Most proficient boxers or trainers of martial arts dwell some form of cardio activity in their routine to enrich their performance in the main sport. Consult your trainer and set a schedule for yourself combining running and martial arts in a proper way, remember over-training is never recommended by any fitness enthusiast!