Since 2004 the TRE TORRI, besides being the sporting event par excellence, has begun a new training course.

The initial edition took place with:

1.Patrick Roux 6th Dan (European Champion 1987, Bronze Medal at the Essen World Championships 1987, 5th at the Seoul Olympic Games 1988) international expert and scholar of Judo wholly.

2.Didier Janicot 6th Dan (International expert) in charge of training within the sphere of the FFJDA.

3.Yves Cadot 5th Dan (Expert and author of a Doctoral Thesis on the figure of J. Kano and the formulation of Judo during his lifetime – The Thesis was obtained at the INALCO – National Linguistics and Oriental Civilisation and whose Supervisor was Prof. M. Francois MACÉ)

The programme then went ahead with:

4.Hatsuyuki Hamada 7th Dan (International Expert, Japanese Champion, Coach of the protegy Ryoko Tamura, 6-Time Women’s World Champion, author of a study concerning the practice of European Judo, particularly that of France - Germany)

Then, in order of time, followed:

5.Hiroshi Nakamura 8th Dan (International Expert - Canadian Olympic Coach 1976 / 2000 / 2004 Technical Director of the Shidokan Judo Academy)

6.Densign White 7th Dan (Chairman of the British Judo Association, International Expert and various times in the medals at the European Championships, Bronze Medallist at the Essen World Championships 1987)

7.Takafumi Shigeoka 8th Dan (International Expert - World Champion Salt Lake City 1967 from Kanoya, on the island of Kyushu).

The above names, in whatever way, make our project understood and which is aimed at Technical teams and Black Belts whose aim is to take Judo even further.

The objective was and is still that of understanding the Technical, Didactic and Teaching issues as well as Historic ones where the writings of its founder, J.Kano (1860 – 1983), somehow represent the outline.

In this 24th edition of the TRE TORRI, we propose one of our most renowned Judo experts, a friend, we are talking about Alfredo Vismara 8th Dan, a name, a guarantee for his technical and didactic qualities, his teaching qualities.

Alfredo Vismara authentic scholar of Judo, he is presently very committed in proposing Judo as educational sport, he holds an important role in the context of the Regional Sports Council in the Regione Lombardia.

His dedication to the: ”JI TA KYOEI International Educational Standards Project” for the benefit of Judo, and all martial arts instructors generally, aims for recognition of us as Social Educators, both on a National and International level.