Board and Lodging

1 - Full Board 1 Person per day (euro) € 60,00

2 - Bed and Breakfast 1 Person per day (euro) € 40,00

Lodgings must be freed no later than 12.00 a.m. on departure day.

The Team Leaders will be held responsible for any damage to lodgings.

3 - Entrance Fee - Individual Judo competitors: 1 Person (euro) € 10,00

4 - Patch - Printing name in the back of two Judogi (white-blue) 1 Person (euro) € 10,00

5 - T-shirt - Badge (Photo) - Barcode for meals 1 Person (euro) € 10,00

6 - Randori Judo Camp 1 Person (euro) € 40,00

Note: The above amounts must be received by the TRE TORRI Organizing Committee in the following modality:

1) 50% of the total amount mentioned from the point 1 to the point 6 by bank transfer within 10th May 2009.

2) the remaining 50% will be settled at the accreditation Friday 12th June from h.4.00 to h.8.00 p.m.

Bank costs for the transfer will be at the expenses of those who sent 50% of the total amount.

Note: If, for any reason, the number of athletes or other members of the delegation is smaller than the number of fees paid, the balance will neither be returned nor otherwise used. The delegations that have not payed the 50% Entrance Fees for the Competitions and 50% for their Staying at ”Holiday” Tourist Centre in Porto Sant’Elpidio by the 10th May 2009 will not be allowed to take part to the 25th TRE TORRI International Judo Tournament.


Bank Transfer to: DOJO KENSHIRO ABBE - Gruppo Marche

Banca delle Marche

Filiale di Corridonia

Viale Trento, N° 2 - 62014 Corridonia (MC)

Italy: IBAN - IT33 L060 5568 8900 0000 0005 924

Foreing Countries: IBAN - IT33 L060 5568 8900 0000 0005 924 - BIC: BAMAIT 3A


A) Payment can be carried out from the time you arrive until Friday 12th June 2009. Delegations will be notified about when they can pay on their arrival at the Reception of “Holiday” Tourist Centre.

B) For those who arrive in the afternoon of Friday 12th June 2009 the expected time for guests is from h.4.00 to h.8.00 p.m.


1) The Organizing Committee will pay the board and lodging for all the athletes (and only one coach) who won the:

Gold - Silver - Bronze Medal - Olympic Games “Beijing 2008”

Gold - Silver - Bronze Medal - World Championships “Rio de Janeiro 2007”

Gold - Silver Medal - Continental Championships 2009 (Africa - Asia - Europa - Oceania - Pan America)

The Board and Lodging expenses for the athletes mentioned at point 1 will be at our charge from the lunch of Firday 12th June to the breakfast of Monday 15th June 2009.


The Organizing Committee will pay the Board and Lodging for one Competition Official (Referee) who holds an International Referee qualification A and/or B to come along with foreign delegation.

The Organizing Committee, for Budget reasons, can only pay for a total of 12 Referees from the lunch of Firday 12th June to the breakfast of Monday 15th June 2009.


The Organizing Committee will organise transfer from:

1) Raffaello Sanzio - Airport - Falconara Marittima:

Piazza Sandro Sordoni - 60015 Falconara Marittima (AN)

Information Tel. +39 071 28271 - Fax +39 071 2827305 - Lost Luggage +39 071 2827296

2) Abruzzo International Airport - Pescara

Via Tiburtina Km 229,100 - 65131 PESCARA

E-mail: - Lost & Found:

3) From the Port of Ancona

For the delegations which arrive by Ferry, by making transportation available to facilitate arrivals and departures.

Note: These transportation arrangements are only made available to partecipants who stay in "Holiday" Tourist Centre.


To facilitate the smooth running of the event, it is extremely important to plan your arrivals direct to Falconara Marittima “Raffaello Sanzio” Airport. If possible on Wednesday 10th June and/or Thursday 11th June 2009.

In order to avoid jet lag problems due to time-zone differences, the arrivals of delegations coming from ASIA – THE AMERICAS – OCEANIA should be arranged to arrive on Monday 8th or Tuesday 9th June 2009.


Should be arranged on Monday 15th June, or on Friday 19th June 2009 after the Randori-Judo Training Camp. The Organizing Committee will guarantee the transport by Bus or by Car to Falconara Marittima and/or to the Port of Ancona even on: Tuesday 16th – Wednesday 17th– Thursday 18th June 2009.


Those arriving by their own means (Car – Minibus – Bus): Motorway A14- Exit Civitanova Marche. Follow the directions to Civitanova Marche SS 16 (southern direction) - 3 Km. on the way to Porto Sant’Elpidio “Holiday” Tourist Centre.

DISTANCES: 465 km from Milano - 250 km from Bologna - 50 km from Ancona, chief town of Marche Region - 70 km from the province of Ascoli Piceno CONNECTIONS: Airport of Falconara (AN), is about 60 km - Station of Porto Sant'Elpidio, train Milano-Lecce


A representative of each registered National Team - Representative – Club – must present:

1) Proof of identity (Identity Card – Passport) and a list of the registered athletes and/ or a list of the whole delegation and payment of the remaining 50% of the whole amount to Reception desk of the TRE TORRI Secretary’s Office at “Holiday” Tourist Centre.

2) The receipt of the above payment to the staff responsible for the accommodation (Hotel Residence-Bungalows) that will hand over the keys of the room and/or bungalow assigned in the Secretary's Office.


In order to facilitate the smooth running of the event, the Head of Delegation – Manager – Coach has to bring photos of each member:

A) Upon Booking the person in charge must send the digital photos of participants by E-mail, to the TRE TORRI Secretary's Office. The above photos must be saved: (in jpg and/or gif format).

It is important put the name of the athletes at the photo files jpg.

The photos for Badges (on paper) will have to be handed in to the staff for printing and lamination.

B) Those who have no photos when they present themselves to the payment desk can ask the staff to have one made on the spot. They will be charged €. 2,00.

C) The badge will be the official document during the whole TRE TORRI event; in place of (Identity Card or Passport).

D) The badge will be printed at the time of crediting on Thursday 11th June from 4.00 to 8.00 p.m., Friday 12th June from 7.00 to 9.00 a.m. and Sunday 13th June from 7.00 to 9.00 a.m. near the Sport Venue.

E) The numbers will be stitched on the back the two judogi (white and blue) at the time of crediting on Friday 12th June from 4.00 to 8.00 p.m., Saturday 13th June from 7.00 to 9.00 a.m. and Sunday 14th June from 7.00 to 9.00 a.m. near the Sport Venue.


A) Training: from Tuesday 9th June 2009 Italian and foreign delegations can train at covered premises behind the Palasport – Via Ungheria or inside the Palasport.

B) The unofficial weighing control is permitted the days before the competition, a timetable will be exposed by the Secretary’s Office of the Tournament.


Estimated time: 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.


Estimated time: 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.